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Are you up to date on all the New York City Fire Alarm Codes?

With the Fire Alarm Code constantly changing, we know how important it is to not only keep you informed but provide maintenance and inspections that comply with the most current Department of Buildings and New York City Fire Department information. Below is an archive of past code updates that you can access at any time.

Simply click on the link to open and download each document. The documents are in PDF format. You can download the free PDF Reader at here.

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Fire Alarm Inspection Unit Bulletins

Department of Buildings Bulletins

  • Buildings Bulletin 2016-010 revises the established operational procedures for the Professional Certification Program, which allows a Professional Engineer (PE) or Registered Architect (RA), as an applicant, to certify the job’s compliance with the New York City Construction Codes, Zoning Resolution and all applicable laws and rules on related application(s)
  • Buildings Bulletin 2015-025 clarifies the types of work involving an existing fire alarm system, designed and approved under the 2008 building code or prior codes
  • Buildings Bulletin 2015-002 clarifies section 2702.4 of the 2008 and 2014 New York City Building Code with respect to optional standby power systems
  • Buildings Bulletin 2014-015 clarifies when to apply the 2008 Construction Codes or the 2014 Construction Codes to new buildings, alterations, partial demolitions, and full demolitions, including the applicable provisions of Chapter BC 33 (Safeguards During Construction or Demolition)
  • Buildings Bulletin 2014-004 clarifies when a redundant smoke detector required by section MC 607.3.2.1, Item 1, may be omitted
  • Buildings Bulletin 2013-012 clarifies 2008 Code and 1968 Code requirements with regard to fire alarm equipment and panels, data gathering panels, terminal transmission boxes and all associated wiring in stair enclosures
  • Buildings Bulletin 2011-013 refers to the Fire Department Technology Management Bulletin of 2011, which provides the performance and filing requirements for an in-building radio communication system that is installed pursuant to Exception 1 of section BC 907.2.12.3
  • Buildings Bulletin 2011-012 clarifies the protection requirements for wiring used in smoke control systems
  • Buildings Bulletin 2009-023 clarifies the exception provided for smoke detectors in elevator lobbies and elevator machine rooms in buildings in Occupancy Group R-2
  • Buildings Bulletin 2009-022 clarifies the types of work involving an existing fire alarm system, designed and approved under the 1968 building code or prior codes, which are subject to the 2008 NYC Construction Codes

Technology Management Bulletins