Modern Safety Products

While 2020 has managed to shock us again and again with new waves of upheaval in our communities, one thing that remains constant is the need to protect ourselves and those we care about. Safety is one of our most important needs, now more than ever.

Thinking about safety might call to mind some of the anxiety and uncertainty in the news right now. Headlines like “Random barbarousness is becoming NYC’s new norm” and “NYC Crime Spike is Last Straw Pushing Anxious Residents to Flee” report statistics of increased murder, theft, and felony assault and what appears to be a mass exodus from New York as the housing market teeters and homelessness increases. For the month of August, the NYPD reported a 166% increase in shootings and a 47% increase in murder compared to August of 2019.

The takeaway here is that, yes, the statistics are grim. No one likes feeling unsafe in their home, work, or community. But consider these facts a call to action, not a call to panic.

Incident Co is at the forefront of creative safety solutions for today’s world. Their services were founded on close analysis of current security approaches and emergency response statistics, offering solutions to the shortcomings of these methods. For instance, did you know that a 911 call is more efficient when made from a landline, even though 80% of calls are made from mobile devices? The technology in use is outdated by over a decade (most call centers haven’t been updated since the dawn of the affordable smart phone). 911 call centers are forced to waste precious minutes verbally gathering data from a panicked and at-risk individual—data that should, and could, be instantaneously available via their smartphone device. This lack of efficiency can also lead to issues for first responder and law enforcement, as they arrive to critical situations without the information they need to best respond and diffuse danger. That’s where Incident Co comes in.

Incident Co offers three innovative products to bridge the gap between less efficient resources and modern safety needs: Incident Go, Incident Wall, and Incident Code.

Incident Go is a unique, user-friendly mobile app for everyone while Incident Wall is designed for security personnel users to manage and communicate with the other users in their community.

Incident Code directly serves law enforcement and first responders, providing them with real-time, actionable intelligence, allowing for faster and better-informed responses.

Through all these platforms, Incident Co’s mission is to improve the flow of information between people in need and the people who can help them.

Let’s explore some of the applications for Incident Co—the ways it really makes users safer. The app Incident Go features several game-changing capabilities. For example, the Virtual Guard interface allows users to set up a live virtual escort equipped with audio and/or video, as well as a two-way chat and panic button function. The Virtual Guard also includes the option for a Timed Checklist, enabling security to monitor a user’s progress through a particular situation via GPS. There are also community-focused options in the app for immediate friend and family alerts and proactive safety talks with other users.

So, what are some ways that commercial landlords and property managers can begin to implement Incident Co

For your employees: The Main Security Tip screen instantly loads the camera and gives users the ability to quickly begin capturing video and audio footage of their situation as well as GPS data. There is a quick call button for 911 or your building’s security provider, and the option for a private two-way chat.

For your vendors: Get creative with the Timed Checklist option to track the progress of your personnel’s cleaning and disinfecting efforts to reduce the risk of spread of COVID-19. This helps to improve transparency and accountability between residents, guests, employees and management personnel and helps to make everyone feel safer.

In addition, the Timed Checklist can be incorporated for monitoring opening and closing procedures, maintenance projects, or important off-site tasks (like trips to the bank) that are assigned to team members.

For your tenants: The proactive security measures, like the timed escort or standby guard option, can be perfect for those tricky in-between situations that don’t seem outright dangerous, but feel like they have the potential to become so. For example, a hospital worker who needs to walk through a dimly lit parking garage or alley to get to their car.

What makes Incident Co such a remarkable security solution is its simplicity and adaptability. By streamlining readily available technology into user-friendly applications for everyone, Incident Co makes staying safe simple, reliable, and refreshingly straightforward.