FDNY Fire Alarm Certification

New FDNY Fire Alarm Certification allows licensed professionals to certify corrections of certain fire alarm system defects reducing the backlog. 


In August, we wrote about a new proposed FDNY rule: Certification of Corrected Defects in Fire Alarm System Installations. The new rule establishes “a certification program by which licensed professionals may certify corrections of certain fire alarm system defects and eliminate the need for FDNY re-inspections of these conditions.” The effective date is Friday, November 6th. 

What does this mean for you? 

The purpose of Certification of Corrected Defects in Fire Alarm System Installations (RCNY 104-04) is to reduce the backlog of fire alarm re-inspections of defects, which has piled up due to COVID-19 and New York City’s “construction boom” over the past few years. The program eliminates the need for FDNY re-inspection in specific instances (minor defects only) and therefore reduces delays and ensures you can get back to business as usual without compromising the safety of your tenants. By eliminating the need for FDNY re-inspection for minor defects and expediting insurance of a Letter of Approval, the FDNY will now be able to focus on re-inspections for buildings with significant defects. 

Who is considered a licensed professional? 

NYFAA grants permits to New York City professionals who hold the FDNY Certificate of Fitness, according to Fire Code Section 113, and to principals or employees of companies that hold a Certificate of Fitness Fire Code Section 115. This allows FDNY licensed electricians and licensed alarm installation companies, such as ourselves, to certify the functionality. 

So I only need one licensed professional? 

No. At least two licensed professionals would be required to certify correction of the fire alarm system defects: the professional who corrected the defect and a licensed professional who verifies that the system functions based on an in-person functionality test. The only exception to the required two signatures is a) if there is no active defect relating to the fire alarm system’s design or installation and b) if defects are only administrative, relating to submitting paperwork or as-built plans for completion. 

Will licensed professionals be able to certify all fire alarm system defects? 

No. Serious defects, as well as a large number of minor defects, would remain subject to Fire Department re-inspection. 

What are the FDNY fees associated with certifying corrections for FDNY Notice of Defects? 

There is a $210.00 FDNY administrative fee. However, if the only defects you are certifying are limited to administrative documentation (such as as-builts or an amended A-433 form), there is a $105.00 administrative fee, which only requires one licensed signature. 

Do I have to use a new licensed professional, or can I keep going through the FDNY? 

The proposed program is opt-in, so companies with licensed professionals who are deemed qualified to certify corrections can opt-in if they choose. As an owner/operator with LODs to correct, should the rule pass, you should be able to find numerous companies throughout NYC who have opted into the program. This would allow you the opportunity to have a qualified professional remedy a LOD and certify the correction. 

Should you require any additional information regarding the new FDNY fire alarm certification rule or anything pertaining to fire and safety please do not hesitate to reach out by calling us at 212.389.2567


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FDNY Fire Alarm Certification