Fire Alarm Maintenance

Regular fire alarm maintenance is important to protect your assets and to comply with Federal, State, and Local regulations. Your fire alarm system needs to be functioning properly at all times, which requires regular servicing and check-ups to make sure batteries are working correctly, voice evacuation systems are audible and clear, and programming of your fire alarm system is up-to-date and compliant with NYFD and NFPA regulations. Keeping up with your fire alarm system after installation and ensuring its proper function is vital to making sure you are properly protected in the event of a fire. Cleaning of the smoke detectors and duct detectors is another vital part of the maintenance and helps prolong the life of the detectors.

At A-Z Fire Alarm Security, we understand the importance of performing expert and thorough fire alarm inspection. Our fire alarm experts are equipped with the knowledge, tools, training, and experience to know how your fire alarm should be functioning. When we perform fire alarm inspection, we implement an individualized fire alarm strategy to ensure that you and assets are protected when disaster strikes.